Rescuing Cap’n Tim

[title size=”2″]RESCUING CAP’N TIM  The Four Surf Sisters Survive[/title]

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[two_third last=”yes”][dropcap]W[/dropcap]hat is the good captain to do . . . with a broken heart and a broken boat? Does he hide in the darkness down below or does he head up top to join four hot blondes aboard his vessel? Will Mother Ocean and a mermaid heal his wounds or will he be swallowed up by the next wave? Oh, what is a man to do when  his own life is on the line?

Pinkie… hangs outside and hangs ten.

Mrs. Responsibility. Mrs. Conservative. Mrs. Married. The woman with the perfect life is now shattered and her box is destroyed. How will she survive? Will her surf sisters and Mother Ocean be able to help her rebuild her life? Will things ever be perfect again?

Piper… rips it up.

“Woo hoo!” screams Piper. She is the tiny, pixie girl who is always cheering about something. Right now she is now cheering about meeting the man of her dreams – the  one who follows her everywhere and keeps her entertained. But what happens when she is called back to Midnight Blue to cheer up Cap’n Tim and her fellow surf sisters? Will her spirited “Woo hoos” be enough?

Pots… carves hard.

“Get out of my way, motherf*cker!” No one messes with Pots. She is New York tough and always high as a kite. But just how tough is she? Is she strong enough to put aside her broken heart and step  in as interim captain of Midnight Blue?

Peaches… makes the drop.

Always on fire and living life to the fullest, Peaches now has clear boundaries and a box. Is she still crazy? Pretty much. Fun? That’s debatable right now. She is facing her true  test. Can she bring the fun factor back to captain and crew of  Midnight Blue? Will this test jeopardize her recently acquired box?


[title size=”3″]Book 3 Excerpt[/title]

The mid-afternoon sun is scorching hot. It beats down on Peaches’ blonde head as she walks down the pier in the direction of slip 36, her board bag slung over her shoulder. It was a lot hotter than she expected and she can feel the sweat trickling down her back. She swipes at the beads of perspiration on her forehead with the back of her hand and realizes that she didn’t have much time to consider the weather in booking her flight last night at the eleventh hour and packing in haste. She stops for a moment, and shading her eyes from the sun, spies the mast of Midnight Blue amongst the other vessels. Ah . . . Blue . . . good to be back. Okay Cap’n Tim, exactly what kind of trouble have you gotten yourself into now? She trots excitedly down to the boat that holds such amazing memories for her and climbs aboard.

“Hey, Cap’n Tim!” she yells. “Tim . . . I’m here.”

She stops dead as she takes in the state of the cockpit. Her mouth hangs slack as she surveys the damage in disbelief. What the fuck? Midnight Blue is trashed. The floor of the cockpit is littered with empty beer bottles, days-old garbage and dirty dishes. The benches are strewn with wet clothing, towels and assorted crap. Scanning the bow, she notices that the teak deck no longer gleams, the rigging is worn and the sails are not stored properly. Venturing further, she heads below and tries to gather herself despite feeling thrown.

“Tim, are you here?”

Where is he? He would never leave the boat open if he weren’t on it. Upon reaching the salon, she is greeted by a disgusting stench that makes her gag. Covering her mouth and pinching her nose, she walks through and pushes open the door to the v-berth. Her eyes bulge in shock when she sees Cap’n Tim lying spread eagle on the bunk, his salt and pepper hair overgrown and unkempt, and a full beard half-obscuring his puffy, grey-tinged face. His t-shirt is stained with sweat and God knows what else, and when she leans in to get a closer look, she realizes he is barely breathing. Panicking, she shakes him roughly.

“Cap’n, Cap’n” she shouts in his face, “Wake up . . . wake up!”

He slowly opens his blue eyes, but they are glassy and he can barely focus on her. He mumbles something incoherently and Peaches strains to make out his words…

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[title size=”2″]Also in the series[/title]

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