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Marjie Martini starting writing in 2004. In 2006 she created “Martinis at Midnight” originally just a website where she posted weekly columns about martinis and relationships. It quickly grew into a company that now provides customized martini services for special events and conferences. “In Search of Cap’n Tim” is her first fictional novel inspired by her love of surfing.

She was born and raised in the suburbs of Vancouver, Canada. She currently resides in Whistler, B.C. and Sayulita, Mexico. For the past 18 years she has been a hairstylist/makeup artist, she has been inspired and challenged by her cliental and the greatest gift she has received from them has been, humor and insight into life. Marjie practices yoga on a daily basis and is a passionate surfer, runner and softball player. She is surrounded by amazing and inspiring friends and her crazy Mexican street dog “Georgi”.  She is known for her cackling laugh and for retelling the funniest stories.

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Dear Readers,

Here is the skinny. Do the girls exist? Yes, of course we do. We live and breathe surfing. We are single, married or in a relationship . . . of course that depends on when you ask us. Does Cap’n Tim exist? Of course, he does! Is he awesome? Of course, he is. Is Jen real? You betcha. Are they happy and in love? Well you can ask them, but my guess is YES! The story . . . well the story, I am sad to say, is totally fictional.

The places, surf breaks and towns that the characters visited do exist. I hope my retelling of Mexican culture inspires you to visit this amazing country with its incredible people and geography. I think this country is truly one of the most beautiful places in the world. In other words . . . don’t believe all the negative media hype.

“To all my friends who have inspired this book and the characters in it, I pray that you will never find anything offensive or take anything negative away with you after finishing the last page. The story is a creation of my mind, and it was never my intention to disrupt our relationships. It has only been my intention to inspire people by sharing the truly amazing lives that we lead and to help others see that you can follow your intuition and live your dreams.



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