In Search of Cap’n Tim

[title size=”2″]IN SEARCH OF CAP’N TIM  A Tale of Four Surf Sisters[/title]

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[two_third last=”yes”][dropcap]W[/dropcap]hat is THE good captain to do…with four hot blondes aboard his vessel? Does he watch them surf and cavort naked all day? Does he keep sailing and join in the fun? Or, does he turn the sailboat around and return to his waiting girlfriend? Oh, what is a man to do?

Pinkie… hangs outside and hangs ten.

Mrs. Responsibility. Mrs. Conservative. Mrs. Married. The woman with the perfect life has it all wrapped up in her box, but what happens when she lets loose and breaks the rules? Will her box be totally blown apart?

Piper… rips it up.

“Woo hoo!” screams Piper. She is the tiny, pixie girl who is always cheering about something. The boys will follow her anywhere and she loves them all. She won’t commit to any of them though, but why should she when there are so many yummy fish in the sea?

Pots… carves hard.

“Get out of my way, motherf*cker!” No one messes with Pots. She is New York tough and always high as a kite. She will call anyone out on their shit, but what happens when a hot Argentinean calls her out and blows her box wide open?

Peaches… makes the drop.

Always on fire and living life to the fullest, Peaches has no boundaries or box. Is she crazy? Maybe. Fun? Definitely! She lives by her own surf and sisterhood code, but what happens when her morals are pushed out of her box? Does she tempt fate and break her code?


[title size=”3″]Excerpt[/title]

Peaches circles the fire, dancing and encouraging others to do the same, while keeping an eye out for the bad boys. She notices them hanging out at the restaurant and also observes Pinkie subtly dancing to the edge of the circle and then slowly slipping into the shadows. No one is the wiser and a few minutes later, Piper makes her move and disappears from sight. Good, Peaches thinks. Now if Pots can just get a move on, then we can all get out of here. Peaches dances and waits impatiently for Pots to make her move. Pots is grooving away to Bob Marley and doesn’t seem to be in a rush to go anywhere. Peaches nods to Marco and he starts dragging Pots away from the fire. Just as they slip into the shadows, the music stops. Peaches is now at the edge of the fire and is on the verge of slipping away herself. She looks back up in the direction of the restaurant and notices the bad boys are heading towards the beach fire. They spot her and one of them yells, “Alto, puta!” (Stop, bitch!)

This is all Peaches needs to hear. She whips around and takes off towards the ocean like a bat out of hell. She is running for her life and can hear the guys right behind her. She sees Pots, Marco and the dinghy in the distance and starts yelling like a maniac, waving her arms in the air. “Go, you guys, go!”

Tim hears the commotion and sees Peaches running full speed down the beach with the bad boys in hot pursuit. He drops the motor and yells at Pots to get in the dinghy. Pots jumps in and Marco takes off towards Peaches. Tim yells at the girls, “Hold on, ladies, this is gonna be a gnarly launch!”

Peaches is now fully sprinting down the beach but the four guys are gaining on her. She rips right past Marco, yelling, “Help me!”

Peaches hears the girls yelling, “Come on, Peaches, come on!”

Tim is already motoring the dinghy out towards the break. Jesus, I’m gonna have to swim for it. She keeps running and launches herself into the surf. She starts swimming towards the dinghy, her clothing dragging her down in the water. Piper throws a rope out and it lands right on her head. She grabs for it, and yells, “GO!”

Just then they hear gunshots….

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Book Two: A Tale of Four Surf Sisters Continues[/content_box]


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