Giving Thanks 2015

Giving in Gratitude

This Thanksgiving I’m giving thanks by giving away free copies of my first book In Search of Cap’n Tim.

My intention when I started writing this story was to inspire women to follow their intuition and their hearts and their dreams. Over the 3 years it took to write this story, it was never about the money only about my intention.

As, I am feeling the urge to complete the trilogy and can see the story continuing into Book #3, I have gone back to the beginning and I am currently reading Book#1. I find myself laughing out loud and smiling with every wave the girls catch. I realize that I just wish for everyone to read the books, to offer an escape to the sun, the surf and inspire people to follow their dreams.

So, I am giving to you my story. I hope it inspires you to realize all that you can be everything you want to be. I also hopes it makes you laugh, love and cry. For there is a little bit of Peaches, Pinkie, Pots and Piper in all of us! Read it, share it with your friends and I hope you will continue to book #2 and be as excited as myself for the continuation in Book #3 in the summer of 2016!

Join the surf sisters as they embark on their first adventure by clicking on the image below to download your free copy. The free file is e-publisher, if you prefer a good ole’ paperback or any other format, links for purchase are available here.

In Search of Cap'n Tim by Marjie Martini
CLICK to DOWNLOAD the first book in the Cap’n Tim series – In Search of Cap’n Tim. By Marjie Martini
Finding Cap'n Tim. By Marjie Martini
Second book in the Cap’n Tim series – Finding Cap’n Tim.

If you like what you read, there’s more!

Want to know what happens next? The surf sisters and Cap’n Tim await you with more friendship, fun and frolics in the second book Finding Cap’n Tim. Read more about what’s in store for the girls and grab yourself a copy from only $7.44 here.

Coming soon…

This winter will see me in Sayulita getting inspiration from mother ocean and my real life surf sisters to finish the trilogy with Rescuing Cap’n Tim. Stay tuned for updates! If you’ve enjoyed the ride so far, please support me in finishing the trilogy and maybe even beyond…50% of all donations to the completion of  Rescuing Cap’n Tim will go to Sayulita Animals, to help with the health and finding homes of animals in need.