Finding Cap’n Tim

[title size=”2″]FINDING CAP’N TIM  The Tale of Four Surf Sisters Continues[/title]

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[two_third last=”yes”][dropcap]W[/dropcap]hat is the good captain to do . . . does he follow the wind or his heart?  Does he risk his relationship searching for the perfect wave? What happens when his girlfriend risks everything to find him? Will his inner turmoil subside with the next wave or will he surrender to his true destiny. Oh, what is a man to do?

Pinkie… hangs outside and hangs ten.

Mrs. Responsibility. Mrs. Conservative. Mrs. Married. The woman with the perfect life has blown open her box. She is out of control for the first time in her life. Does she keep following her passion or does she put the pieces of her box back together?

Piper… rips it up.

“Woo hoo!” screams Piper. She is the tiny, pixie girl who is always cheering about something. The boys will follow her anywhere, but which one will break her out of her box and keep her excited about love forever?

Pots… carves hard.

“Get out of my way, motherf*cker!” No one messes with Pots. She is New York tough and always high as a kite. She will call anyone out on their shit, but when her box gets blown open she is faced with the biggest decision of her life. Does she make the drop or does she pull out?

Peaches… makes the drop.

Always on fire and living life to the fullest, Peaches has no boundaries or box. Is she crazy? Maybe. Fun? Definitely! But, what happens when her past comes back to haunt her and she faces her greatest fear? Perhaps she needs a box. Find out what happens when she actually gets one.


[title size=”3″]Book 2 Excerpt[/title]

Peaches’ words are cut mid-sentence as he captures her mouth with his. She can feel his lips on hers but is so infuriated that she pushes at his chest, trying to get away. There is no escape; he is like an insurmountable wall. He deepens the kiss, his lips soft and enticing. Damn it, she thinks. She doesn’t want to give in to him but he tastes so damn good. He knows exactly how to weaken her resistance, his lips are relentless and slowly she feels her mouth yielding to him. His tongue finds hers and she feels weak in the knees. She can taste a hint of beer on his breath as he continues to ravish her with kisses. Her skin sizzles beneath his hot mouth as he moves down her neck and back up to nibble her earlobe. Electricity shoots straight to the base of her spine and instantly she feels herself get wet.

He reaches under her tank top where her breasts strain against the fabric of her bikini. He rubs his thumb back and forth over a nipple, the sensation overwhelms her and a groan escapes from deep within. Peaches’ soft groan almost sends him over the edge. He has to pull back and slow down because he is rock-hard and if she groans again, he will lose it and blow his load. He tilts her face upwards to see the lust in her smouldering hazel eyes.

Sweat glistens on his forehead, “Jesus Christ, babe, you drive me crazy . . . I just want to rip your clothes off and get deep inside you.”

Peaches is done for . . . her heart pounds, her brain is mush, and her bikini bottoms are sopping wet. Who is she kidding? She cannot resist him and the thought of his perfect penis inside her is enough to drive any rational thought from her mind.

“Well, sweetie,” she says in a breathy whisper, “What are you waiting for . . . I’m already wet.”

He cusses under his breath, reaching up under her skirt to tug urgently at her bikini bottoms. His fingers find their way to the vee of her legs where he touches her throbbing bud, instantly making her wetter. He massages her clit but she can barely take it, she is so close to going over the edge. She groans again as her legs start to buckle so he grabs her around the waist to keep her from falling. She has to slow down or she is going to explode; she pushes his hand away and takes control.

“I want you naked . . . let me touch you and taste your dick.”

He loves the softer side of Peaches, but when she turns dominant, it makes him even more turned on. She can be a real tiger and he loves it.

“Whatever you want, babe, do it.” He throws his hands up in the air in mock surrender…

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[title size=”2″]Also in the series[/title]

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