Find out in Book 2

Join the good Cap'n and his crew on their next adventure –
Finding Cap'n Tim ...does he follow the wind or his heart?

Find out in Book 2

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Book One: A Tale of Four Surf Sisters

What is the good captain to do . . . with four hot blondes aboard his vessel? Does he watch them surf and cavort naked all day? Does he keep sailing and join in the fun? Or, does he turn the sailboat around and return to his waiting girlfriend? Oh, what is a man to do?Read More


Book Two: The Tale of Four Surf Sisters Continues

What is the good captain to do . . . does he follow the wind or his heart?  Does he risk his relationship searching for the perfect wave? What happens when his girlfriend risks everything to find him? Will his inner turmoil subside with the next wave or will he surrender to his true destiny. Oh, what is a man to do? Read More


Book Three: The Four Surf Sisters Survive

What is the good captain to do . . . when he has a broken heart and broken boat? Does he hide in the darkness down below or does he come up top and join the four hot blondes aboard his vessel? Will Mother Ocean and a mermaid heal his wounds or will he be swallowed up by the next wave? Oh, what is a man to do when it is his life on the line?

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  • Sayulita Life Review

Sayulita Life Review

  • July 24th, 2013

The go-to source for all that’s good, Sayulita Life, dishes the goods on the […]

Hey girl, I finished reading book two last night, and wow, simply amazing, I loved it all! What a great story, you really knocked it out of the park, you really shined talking about places and the ocean. I found myself laughing and then having a lump in my throat the next…Thank you for the inspiration to keep chasing surf and dreams.
Sean Williamson, Apr 17, 2013
Marjie OMG Amazing, awesome, fanfunckingtastic! I’ve just finished Book 1 & 2 Loved em!!!!
Cheryl Massey, Apr 19, 2013
Ok, I got my book yesterday night and I can’t stop reading it. Now, Cap’n TIM in chapter 11…..just to let you know I don´t like you as much as in chapter 10. You better behave Cap’n Tim.
Narayani en Sayulita, Apr 20, 2013
I am two chapters away from being done and I am reading slower than ever because I don’t want the fun and excitement to stop…It is such an easy read and the ending of each chapter leaves me wanting to know more. I can’t wait to get home to pick up the next book! Props to Marjie Martini for keeping me entertained and thirsty!
Kristen McCaffery, May 15, 2013
Snatched the book from under my wife’s nose and snuck it with me to a gig I was working in Mexico. The perfect place to read it! Finished it in 2 days while lounging on the beach knocking back cervezas! A delightful romp!
Darryl Palmer, May 21, 2013
I love Saturday mornings! Good coffee, lazy day, and curling up with my favourite summertime read! Time to get lost again in an adventure with 4 awesome ladies, good drinks, waves, and their sexy surfer men. Love this book 🙂
Carmen McKnight, May 25, 2013
The perfect book for the beach! I love it!!!! SO fun, easy to read. Marjie captivated me with his unique style and sense of humour. This book is a MUST READ!
Narayani, June 25, 2013
Made me laugh and cry. I couldn’t put it down! Love the girls and their antics.
Katy Rankin, July 5, 2013
In Search of Cap’n Tim is a fun, adventurous and exciting novel for any surf enthusiast or Sayulita resident or visitor who can relate to the town, other coastal locales, can appreciate good tequila and Mexican culture in general.
Lindsey Walker, July 18, 2013